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Thoughts on movement, time and reality

Güncelleme tarihi: 19 Ağu 2022

Movemental patterns occur through time and space. Imagine air brushing your sorroundings with your hand through a whole body movement. You move freely, artistically and momentarily in the free space. There, a pattern is created. This creation also forms a unit, that will shortly anticipate other units and patterns. We do have a pile of these units in our movement language. Some seen and some unseen, aware and unaware. These sequential patterns are consequential aspects of the mind. Thinking and analyzing. Visible and non-visible cycles in themselves.

Although the time is already constructed by all of this action, a part of the concious existence looks for a timeless space, a place of no-thinking; as much as to sustain the living nature in this world. The search is through the original self. So like an onion, movements come as practices not to add up but more to peel off the layers. This sometimes happens by adding up first, if adding up increases the competancy.

Movemental patterns do come in cycles. They are collections of minor movements. Such as pull, push, yield, grasp and surrender. Movement is a universal language of expression, used without even thinking about it. Even standing still is a deception if you think you are not moving. Everything is fluid as it is a part of living realm. But everybody does not utilize movement in the same manner. Why? The movement is shaped through the narrative of the individual, the multitude and nature of the positions taken in life. One’s interpretation on each unit is unique to one’s self.

In lineer time and space, the movement also has a linear nature. The units formed and patterns fulfilled. And a geometry occurs in the dimensional reality. For an elegant and gracious living, in a curved and circular nature. For a state which has long pauses, frozen fragments, followed by sudden actions, the geometry becomes cornered. But as it is time-bound, the lines never touch one another. It is a very complex geometry when you look at it from the time’s eye.

This draft is painted by human nature of the thinking patterns. The complexity of it stems from the mind work, which is constructively and deconstructively there to construct and sustain the time-being. The contrast of the source of creation and biodynamic reality is alleviated by the silence of mind, paving way to a deep understanding on "what is". Like pressing the lineer and dimensional nature of the movement into one timeless picture. A section of reality. An invitation to the richness of life to appear in one page.

There are some realities in life that we think we do understand. But later on realise somehow it is disproovable by some exterior source, people and turn of events. Like a mathematical problem. This is not the essential reality as it is arguable, opposable, discussable. Even if the seed is from essential reality it changes its shape once it has become a thought and a conversation.

The perception that comes from a timeless non-place state of being, cannot be opposable as it has no place in this reality. Only thing that can be opposable could have been its reflection in mind’s eye. This perception is deeply settled in a space where mind games are exterminated. Mind cannot be involved so that cannot be distracted and repatternized. This kind of perception changes one in a way that it cannot be reversed. But as life goes on other parts and other plays, other mind games reappear, to sustain the life itself and open up a space for unfinished arrends. No matter how it turns out, life is full of scattered images that glitter with the light of core existence.

When you practice anything that illuminates you truly, there is a dive into deep waters where the earth underneath can be more clearly seen, may be as it originally is. These are sparkles in life. There is a hidden pull, a source of movement, expression and thinking, a search for it’s echoes in dimensional reality, like a baby turtle chases the moon’s reflection on the sea, at night to reach the ocean.

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