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Which darkness?

Güncelleme tarihi: 19 Ağu 2022

Once, I have witnessed a wise man stating that the point in darkness is not whether you have it or not. The essence of the matter of darkness is if you unleash it without supervision or protect your surroundings from it like a chivalry would have done.

Some recent readings on unconscious and trauma makes me reprocess how light makes no room for darkness. Nor darkness is something negative or positive. Darkness is the carrier of light. And like everything in this universe, exists through some principles and conditions.

I was recently thinking on how I adore the dark, starry and vast space which enveloped the solar system, Sagittarius A and even the Laniakea cluster. I find comfort in that immenseness. I got curious as immenseness can only happen by acknowledging what there is. Although fear can be triggered in the living world, the response of amazement and fear cannot be experienced at the same time. So this is a window in life where there is hope, joy and enjoyment of vastness.

How about the unresolved darkness of the unconscious? How to reposition? I discover no matter how close the source is, there is only permission for self-identification of even what is seemingly happening outside. Even when happening in the thinking dimension. We are controlled and being manipulated in so many ways, that for many when it comes to the point of seeing one step further it is like a fish coming out of the see. We favor our comfort zone, which had for many times acted against us. This actions moves from the unacknowledged territory of its own darkness. Without questioning and genuinely viewing what is illuminated and what is in shadow, we attempted to build connections between one another. That did not work as well as expected.

In bodies, conversations, artistic expression what can freely move, what is restricted? When we are unaware, our circles of relations becomes so rigid then. Goal contradicts action. You naturally contradict something inside of you that you have not acknowledged yet. But for a hundred percent of the times, if there is a motive to see and be seen, circles need to stretch and move as well. Shadows, narratives and illuminated parts are ready to be heard without being materialized to a burden. For most of the times this means falling away from the things you once grew from, if you are not in the same growing journey.

This is my answer and assessment on which darkness is ok to me. Or under what condition everything is ok. It is ok to have shadow sides. It is ok to discharge the energy in a manner you consciously choose in order not that to accumulate into something else in an unseen place to create future disorder and compğlexity. Sometimes, if it is an attachment liberating experience, leaving something that triggers the unresolved darkness behind, is an act of compassion. That is the true nature of sacrifice. For that reason from time to time it is ok to consciously choose something you are less acquainted but open to you, in the place of something you are more acquainted but which has a secretive nature, unvisited darkness and unseen aspect even to themselves. And sometimes it is ok not choosing anything at all after leaving something behind as much as it leavable, and commend to the rest to life.

To the acknowledged, reprocessed, sharable, loveable and keen to be known nature of the unknown.


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